Our Personal Road Map

A long time ago I saw this idea in Family Fun magazine, bought what we needed to put it into action and then promptly shoved it away in a closet to be useless for years on end.  Why that happened, I don’t know.  However, despite this little idea being a bit past my kids age, we decided to break it Continue Reading →

My New Career

I’m starting a new career.  Starting this week, I’m going to be a mail carrier.  My route will be my own house.  You see, I’ve got this hairbrained idea to foster a bit of encouragement, kind words and thinking positive.  It should also help my kids to keep their handwriting, spelling and general writing skills fresh.  I am going to run a Continue Reading →

Boredom Bucket

Now that summer is here, we decided to ready our big gun.  We spent some time yesterday filling up our Boredom Bucket.  I got this idea from a friend and decided to put it into personal use because I currently have one particular child that regularly tells me he’s bored.  He plows through his schoolwork and then doesn’t know what Continue Reading →

Summer Ideas: Books on CD

I’ve been thinking about summer.  Not for myself this time, but for my kids.  What will I have them do this summer?  How will I fill their time?  I’m not one for packing every moment full of crazy, busy activities.  However, since we have more time on our hands, I desire to have some “cards in my pocket” for when Continue Reading →

Creative Week: Baking

After finally hunting down peppermint we were able to get busy in the kitchen busting out two of my favorite things to make at Christmas time. Well actually, I’m happy to eat these anytime, but this tends to be the time of year that I make them the most. My children are in the kitchen with me quite a bit, Continue Reading →

Creative Week: Lanyard

Today’s lesson in lanyard is being posted early in the day for two reasons. One, my parents have come over to watch the kids so I can get some shopping done so I had to do a speedy lesson. Secondly, this was definately an introduction to lanyard. I showed the kids all of the things I’ve made in the past Continue Reading →

Creative Week: Paper

This is one tired Mama posting a few pics of our Paper Crafts Day before she falls into bed exhausted. Today, my mom came over and did paper crafts with the kids. She taught them how to make all sorts of pop-up cards. She and I had a good laugh when we realized she was initially leaving all of them Continue Reading →