Creative Week: Yarn

As we wind up school for 2009, the kids and I are anxious for vacation. With that in mind, I planned out our last week to be one that is dedicated to the things I always wish I had time to teach my kids, but never quite do. Sometimes school can be so academically focused that the fun stuff gets Continue Reading →

Sweet Reward

I made a deal with my kids that after they were done with their candy experiments, I would give them each a $5 gift card to St*rbucks or J*amba Juice if they would be willing to throw away all of their Halloween candy (they all chose St*arbucks). Another creative way to rid yourself of the hassles of daily squabbling over Continue Reading →

Hair-Brained Idea

Tonight as my kids were watching Charlie Brown on TV, Daughter of Purpose found a stash of toys I had in my room. Obviously by the way it enraptured her, she had not found these as of yet. I just had to laugh, they were the simplest things I’ve ever made. I’m sure you are laughing along with me at Continue Reading →