Just 15 Minutes

It was supposed to simply be a Saturday afternoon nap. A rare treasure I was relishing in. I was in a drowsy state of slowly drifting in and out of coherent thoughts when I had an epiphany. A light bulb moment. What my Daughter of Purpose needs most from me is to play with her. What? Play with her? Did Continue Reading →

Funny Bombs

Life can get so intense, so I am ever grateful when God drops a funny bomb through the mouths of my children. If you are my Faceb*ok friend then you’ve probably heard most of these, but I’d thought I’d post them for a good laugh anyway. While my kids were playing Flashlight Tag outside, Daughter of Purpose came inside. She Continue Reading →

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Wisdom from The Negotiator

In our town, we have a movie theatre that shows free kid movies a few days a week during the summer months. This is the summer we have taken advantage of that. Usually we see the movie and that’s it. We don’t buy popcorn and we don’t stop to play on the kids play area outside the theatre. One, we Continue Reading →

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Clear As Mud

As I sat in my backyard today, I had a choice to make that was about as clear as mud. We have some construction going on in the back and I don’t know what it is about construction, but with my kids, construction seems to always have “mud” written all over it. Well it’s been about 3 weeks and they Continue Reading →

Joy Along the Way

“Internal joy cannot be perceived by children. They need external joy to be seen on your face.” A few months back a friend of mine was speaking and when she spoke the above words, they jumped out at me. It’s from a book we’ve read, but at the moment I cannot remember where in the book it is. I suppose Continue Reading →

Egg Noggin

Just a little laugh from our home to yours. We broke out the egg nog tonight and our kids began talking about whether they remembered it from last year or not and if they liked it. Some of our kids were not sure about this egg nog thing. This is a snippet of that conversation: Child – “Daddy, what’s egg Continue Reading →

Accidental Traditions

So is everyone ready for Christmas? I’m not! For some reason I just can’t seem to get into it the season yet, but just the other night when my family piled into the car in their pajamas and grabbed their hot chocolate, I got a little jolt in the right direction. As we drove around looking at Christmas lights, with Continue Reading →

Love Signs

Love signs. Do you have them? We do in our family. They are little gestures or looks that we use to communicate with one another from across a room. Some moms (even myself) have mastered the “death look” and her kids know her intended message, but this is not the kind I’m talking about. I’m talking about the kind that Continue Reading →