How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count Thy Ways

The sound of a small airplane taking off wakens me.  Realizing it’s only our coffee machine grinding beans, getting ready to brew our morning coffee, I groan, roll over to glance at the clock and notice that the timing just isn’t right. It’s 7:30…our coffee goes off at 7:50 every morning. Something is wrong. When my fog clears, I realize Continue Reading →

Our 2010 Wish List

Without further ado, here is our official 2010 list of things to accomplish.  Oh, of course, it’s not totally official because we’ll probably think of something else to add in the next few days, but it’s official for now! Our 2010 Wish List The Negotiator wants to finish reading all of “The M*gic Tree House” books.Build a playstructure.Go to Disneyland.Ride Continue Reading →