As I sit here with tears pooling in my eyes on the eve of my first-born’s graduation from high school, I have a million thoughts in my mind that I’m trying to trap long enough to put them into words for you. Yes, YOU, Sweet Mama. I’ve been thinking about YOU a lot over the last year as I’ve been Continue Reading →

Faithfulness in Marriage

As I recently celebrated my anniversary with my superMAN, one of my heart friends is in the last days before her wedding. Many an early morning we have had Bible study via text and in that time of processing what He’s teaching us through our different stages of life, she has challenged me to meditate on my marriage and consider Continue Reading →

Be Strong and Courageous

Here I am in that place again. The one I find myself in frequently where I’m stressed and exhausted mind, body and spirit. I suppose this is the way of a mother, especially when there’s six young lives to shepherd and a marriage to keep tended to. I’m tempted to check-out mentally and sink into the oblivion of nothingness, but Continue Reading →

Real to Reel Life

From the celebration of extraordinary moments like our Daughter of Purpose celebrating her 5-year Gotcha Day to the ordinary snap shots of life, there is joy that can be found in every moment. Sometimes it’s the simpleness of ordinary moments that become the extraordinary. And yes, I do have six children, but when I spend almost every waking moment with Continue Reading →