Happy Birthday Mini-Me!

It’s your day, Mini-Me, and I can’t be thankful enough that He put you at the top of our family. I’ll never forget that moment when you came out and they announced you were a girl. We so wanted a girl first, but statistics told us that you would be a boy. That moment of anticipation was sweet when you Continue Reading →

Loaves and Fishes

Before I begin this post, I need to be clear with you. We traveled to EE on the second part of our trip with Children’s Hope Chest. What I need to clarify for you is that Children’s Hope Chest is NOT an adoption agency in any way shape or form. There were two parts to our time in EE and Continue Reading →


I am wishing I had time to write. Although we do a lot of walking, I am not physically exhausted. At the end of our very full days I am mentally exhausted, falling into bed as soon as we get into our hotel room. Thinking in English, but trying to follow the Russian being spoken around me all day is Continue Reading →

Work in Progress

I am working on some changes to the look of The Mommy Map, but I can only do a little bit at a time. So if it looks funky for awhile, be patient. It will all come together in a few days! While you wait, take a peek at the tabs I added at the top. I’d love to hear Continue Reading →

Shutterfly to the Rescue!

Oh, the joys & struggles of having a large family. Who’d have ever thought that one of the struggles that comes along with the holiday season, that is quickly bearing down on us, is picking just the right greeting card to send out to friends and family? Of course we could send out a letter highlighting our year, but who the Continue Reading →

Is My Prayer Life Sufficient?

I was listening to a podcast from Catalyst recently where Kay Warren was interviewed. She spoke alot of wisdom, but a segment in particular stood out to me, especially in light of my most recent post about what is on my plate.  The time I first heard the podcast, was right when my friend Mo and I were contemplating 147SpareMoments. Continue Reading →

Spare Moments

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve written on Mommy Map.  I thought for sure I’d have more time during the summer break to write, but apparently God had another plan in mind for me.  He wanted me to step away from here and use my time to pour into my children, some of those ways certainly not being what I Continue Reading →