Creative Imagination

I don’t know what is about my Littlest One lately, but he seems to be the subject of many of my posts. He just cracks me up. I read in “The Birth Order Book” that the baby of the family is often the comedian. Well, he’s holding true to his place in the birth order of our family. He’s the family clown.

I can’t remember anything in that book about the last born being ingenious or visionary, but he’s also proving to be that too. Today his creative imagination was working overtime. You see, he really wanted to bob for apples today. I’m not really sure why, maybe it was on “Curious George” or something, but he had his mind set on bobbing for those apples no matter what it took. Keep in mind that it was cold–very cold to us Californians outside. It was about 40 degrees (okay, no laughing in the peanut gallery). It makes it even colder since my child decided to go out in the backyard with just one layer of clothes on and no shoes to rustle up some ideas about how he could bob for apples. I didn’t catch on that all of this was going on until he wanted to know if he could run the water hose. Water, little clothing, no shoes and cold weather was a bad combination–I had to intervene.

My intervention was no match for my Littlest One and his apple bobbing goal. He was off to figure out how this activity could possibly take place inside the house. Next thing I knew, he was headed up the stairs with 3 Granny Smith apples in his hands and he’d decided that he needed a bath. At this point, I couldn’t help but admire his creative imagination and determination to do what he’d set his mind to. Oh, I’m sure there’s some germaphobic reason for why I should’ve said no to his apple bobbing in the bathtub, but hey…what the heck? You only live once. Sometimes I get so tired of being “The Great No Monster” so for today, I stepped out of his way, filled up the tub for him and let him go for it. What a moment–to enjoy sweet victory of an accomplished goal, no matter what the obstacles with my son–and the apple he shared with me wasn’t half bad!

It’s a new year…say “yes” to what you can and have fun with your kids. Oh–and don’t forget to smile!

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