Creative Week: Yarn

As we wind up school for 2009, the kids and I are anxious for vacation. With that in mind, I planned out our last week to be one that is dedicated to the things I always wish I had time to teach my kids, but never quite do. Sometimes school can be so academically focused that the fun stuff gets pushed out of the daily grind.

Now before you dismiss this week of writing because you don’t homeschool or your kids are too young, be mindful that you too can do this. With a bit of minimal planning, you can map out a week of purposeful activities for your kids while they’re on vacation or you could modify some simple crafts to the age of your children. This really hasn’t been tough to plan out. I took a look around my house and saw some things I have a lot of, thought through what I wish I had more time for and also assessed my own skills at teaching these things. I am naturally a crafty person so of course that is where my mind went. If I wasn’t, I would purposely plan out activities to my strengths and that I want to pass on to my children. Maybe you’re athletic–teach your children a new sport or a new game each day. Maybe you’re more into making sure your boys have boy skills–take a day to teach them how to shoot a gun and another to teach them how to use a machete. Maybe you’re good in the kitchen–purposely bring your children alongside you in the kitchen and let them glean from your skills. I think you get the point.

Today we started off with YARN. I must confess that this particular craft was planned out for my own selfish motives. First, I have been crocheting a lot and still need some extra time to finish up gifts. Second, one of the things I love about crocheting or knifty knitting is that it is something that can be done to keep hands busy. Whether my kids are just plain looking for something to do or if it’s because I need them to do something quiet while in church or listening to me read out loud, little hands that are kept busy is a blessing.

We started with some basic yarn information. What is yarn made from, what types of things can be done with it, colors, weight, texture, different crochet hook sizes and how to read the label on a skein of yarn.

I then took the time to assess who was at what skill level. Daughter of Purpose got busy on creating her version of God’s Eyes (at least that’s what we call them). Mini-Me already knows how to crochet so she continued with her current project. The Talker has been begging me to teach him how to crochet so I obliged him and he picked it up quickly. He then went to work on a bookmark to practice his skills. The Negotiator made me nearly lose my mind trying to teach him to crochet so he ended up getting a refresher on his knifty knitting skills and got busy on a hat. And last, but not least, Littlest One got a lesson on knity knitting. I attempted to teach him in the past, but he was a bit too young and his poor little fingers just would not do what he wanted them to do. Imagine his delight when it all came flooding back to him today. He was off and running and happy to be able to do it this time!

I really had no motives beyond just teaching them each a skill and getting a bit of time to do my own craft, but instead I ended up blessed beyond measure. The blessing came when I realized that each one of my kids were thinking beyond themselves without my prompting. Mini-Me was crafting a washcloth for someone who is including it with some soap in a care package for the Persecuted Church. Daughter of Purpose was making her God’s Eye for a friend for Christmas. The Talker was making a bookmark for his Papa, but his end goal was to follow the suit of his older sister and make a washcloth because she usually makes them, sells them and her profit goes to orphans. Now she’s got a business partner! And then there were the younger boys who both decided, after hearing what their Nana does, that they were making baby hats for the babies at the Children’s Hospital.

I am so looking forward to what comes of this week. Sewing, Paper crafts, and Baking are on the horizon. I’m still toying with dusting off my lanyard skills from days gone by and teaching that on Friday. We’ll see where this week leads. Can’t wait to share it with ya!


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