Enough Said

“Parenting today with the future in mind” is the tagline of this blog. It is such because I am a firm believer in not just surviving each day as a mom, but instead building into my children’s future with each passing day. Not every day cracks up to be that way, but it is the mentality at the forefront of my mind.

One thing that I think can help us moms to keep focused on such a goal is to write out a vision statement for our children or you could even write one as a family. I have worked on one for our family with the intention of framing it on our wall, but since I’m such a perfectionist, it hasn’t reached the wall yet because I’m still revising it. However, I have found something that couldn’t speak my heart any better. It might just make it onto my wall.

“I don’t just want my kids to be moral. I don’t just want them to know all of the bibilical rules for behavior. I don’t just want them to make it through my home with good grades, no drug addition, and no premarital sex.

I want them to leave my home with a hunger and passion to know God personally and to be used by Him to accomplish great things for His kingdom. I want them to personally hear God’s voice and have His Spirit’s gentle touch and impression on their hearts as they read the Scriptures and struggle with the issues of their lives.”

Enough said.

This is from a book called, “The Mission of Motherhood” by Sally Clarkson. I read a lot of books, but every once in a while one comes along that I think every mom should read. This is certainly one of those books. I cannot wait to carve out time to read it each day. I find something to underline about every other page. I could not recommend it more highly.

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2 Replies to “Enough Said”

  1. Karen

    wow. at our staff retreat, we decided that our end purpose with the youth of our church was almost precicely what you wrote. it’s not enough to stay away from the bad as it is to know and fully embrace the life He has for us.
    our main idea: “at graduation, we want kids to be able to grow in the knowledge of Christ, and if they are not Christ-followers at commencement, to be able to have the skills to make conscious, well-thought out decisions regarding their identity and Christ.” basically.


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