Our 2011 Wish List

It’s a little late into this new year to share with you our yearly Wish List which I originally shared with you last year, but I’ll go ahead anyway. I usually try to share it with you closer to January 1, but this year got off to a bit of a delayed start as The Driver’s mom passed away in the early days of January. We’re getting back on our feet and into a new “norm” now. I’ll write more about that later. Without further ado, here is our list from last year with our completed wishes.

Our 2010 Wish List

The Negotiator wants to finish reading all of “The M*gic Tree House” books.
Build a play structure.
Go to Disneyland.
Ride a horse & see the bats at our friend’s house in the country.
Raise baby chicks.
Go camping in the mountains.
Mini-Me wants to go to church camp for the first time.
The Talker wants to go on a mission trip with Mom & Dad to help orphans.
More play dates with friends.
Build a treehouse or fort.
Paint the upstairs.
Exercise more.
Collect more shoes for Haiti.
Go to a museum (specifically not an art museum).
Daughter of Purpose wants to grow more flowers.
Find a way to help the poor in our own community.
Daughter of Purpose wants to adopt another child (“Like me!”, she says.)
Grow an organic garden in the summer AND the winter.

I know it’s February, but we finally got to this year’s list.

Our 2011 Wish List

Build a play structure or fort.
Mini-Me wants to ride a horse.
Raise baby chicks.
Exercise more.
Pray through “Operation World.”
Go camping.
Make more things to sell for orphans or give to an orphanage.
See the bats at our friend’s house in the country.
Collect more crosses from other countries for our wall.
The Talker wants to go on a mission trip. (Mommy wants to go to Eastern Europe to help orphans.)
Adopt another child. (Started, but not complete.)
Go bowling.
Go ice skating.
Go miniature golfing.
Find a way to meet more neighbors or get to know those we know better.
Finish painting upstairs.
Write our Children’s Hope Chest child each month.
Go to the cabin for vacation.
Buy a new couch.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I wonder what is on your list of things to accomplish with your family this year. As you can see, we don’t always finish everything, but the sky is limit for us. We dream big…why not? So how about you? What are you dreaming big about?


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