Preparing for Rain

As I sat watching, “Facing the Giants” last night, I heard a word picture that I want to pass on to you. It goes something like this, there were two farmers in desperate need of rain. Both knew they needed to pray…so they did. But one farmer did more than pray. He prepared for the rain.

It made me start thinking in the direction my brain always goes, about how that could apply to parenting. I am always encouraging people to set goals, have vision and to make a mission statement in regards to their family and parenting. Some may think that my way of parenting is a little over the top or maybe I just plain put too much thought into it, but I believe that this word picture, illustrates my point. I can pray all I want about my children (which is absolutely essential), but what am I doing in the meantime while I wait? In fact, what exactly am I waiting for? Maybe that’s important to define first. Some people I hear talking just can’t wait for their kids to get out of their hair and go back to school. They’re not real concerned about their child’s future. All they care about is the here and now.

Yes, I care about the here and now, but I care more about my children’s future. Their 18 years with me is a relatively short period of time so I need to relish in today, but yet I need to utilize today to prepare for that rain–that rain of blessings that I just know God is going to shower down on us. I can’t just sit around and hope my kids turn out okay. My job in the meantime is to be busy preparing my children for their future. That rain, or fruit as I like to think about it, will come eventually and I look forward to that day. As I wait for that rain, I want to be diligent with the blessings that God has entrusted into my hands.

Are you praying for rain? If so, are you making yourself and your children ready to receive that “rain” from the Lord?

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2 Replies to “Preparing for Rain”

  1. Tracy

    Amen! Oh by the way – I don’t think you put too much thought into parenting – its the most important job we are given, to raise another human being in the Lord – so let’s give it Lots and Lots of thought, prayer and Action! 🙂


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