Proof of Purpose

Just this week, I had a little trip down memory lane. Remember that post I did called “Backseat Purpose”? It was about how your children need to feel more than loved. They need to feel that they are needed and have a purpose in your home.

Well, I was thinking about that concept as I watched in amazement as my 5-year-old made lunch for us 2 days in a row. My dad asked if he made the lunch because he wanted something specific for lunch. No, I don’t believe that was it. I think it was because he saw a need and filled it. He saw me swimming in Christmas chaos and adoption paperwork and knew that if he was going to get lunch anytime soon, he’d better pitch in. Here’s a picture to prove it, although the look on his face makes it obvious that he did NOT want me to take his picture. I can’t say that it was the best PB&J I had ever had, but it became the best one I had ever tasted simply because his heart behind making it was so sweet.
During this flurry of Christmas things to do, it can be so tempting to turn on a video so that your kids will leave you alone while you check things off your list. Instead of deciding that your kids are in the way and can’t help, I hope you will take the extra time it takes to involve your children in what you are doing. Yes, I know it’s not easy, you won’t get as much done, and your end results will not be perfect, but think about the long-term impact on your kids. I bet they’ll remember these times with you and chances are that since you took the time to teach them today, it’s all the sooner that they will be of real help to you because you taught them a new skill.

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