Questions from the Backseat

I don’t know how it is in your house but it sure seems like I used to have to answer questions daily like, “Who gets to pick the movie?”, or “Can I open the garage?”, “Can I go get the mail?”, or “Can I have the Costco receipt and give it to the person at the door?” Now that’s really only scratching the surface, but I felt like I was being bombarded by questions every day and it stressed me out to try and figure out how to be fair and to make sure that I wasn’t always picking the same person. Sometimes I only remembered my name was Mommy because the kids kept calling me by that name, so how in the world was I supposed to remember who held the receipt at Costco last?
Out of my desperation, I developed a system in our house that takes care of those questions for me. It’s almost so simple that you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it! What I did was this, I made a circular chart with each of my kids pictures on it. At the top of the chart is the phrase, “Whose Day Is It?” I then added an arrow and each day the arrow points to a different child. On that child’s “day”, they have some perks and they have some added responsibilities. The picture I’ve included is the list–straight from my house–of what exactly the “Person-of-the-Day” has to do.
Now when someone wants to know who can answer the door or who has to unload the dishwasher, their question is simply answered by looking at the chart. I don’t even have to be a around, I can be upstairs folding laundry (because that’s my favorite activity to do each day–just kidding) and my kids can find the answer they are looking for without me. That is one less problem I need to solve or argument to dispel. Yippee! I love things that make my life easier and empowers my kids to think for themselves.
Sorry this has no paragraphs, Blogger won’t let me leave any spaces!
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2 Replies to “Questions from the Backseat”

  1. Winter

    MORE GREAT IDEAS! Here’s the thing, do you home school and if not, how do you find time to teach your kids so much, I am so frustrated with my lack of time with them and I stay at home!