Recipe for Crusted-Moist Egg Salad

Today I had crunchy, soggy egg salad for lunch. I decided that maybe I should rename it “Crusted-Moist Egg Salad” and maybe it would sound more appealing and appetizing. Whatever I call it, you may ask why I’d dare eat it because its realistic name probably would not make you show up at my house to join me for lunch.

Well, I had Crusted-Moist Egg Salad for lunch today because Daughter of Purpose helped me make lunch today. We eat a lot of eggs in our house (10 dozen is our regular 2 week amount)–hard-boiled being the favorite. Thus far I had yet to allow Daughter of Purpose to help me crack and peel the eggs. I was holding out on her because I really wasn’t looking forward to this day, when I would have to eat Crusted-Moist Egg Salad, but today was the day.

All of my other kids were busy with other things and she was on me like glue so I kept tripping on her as I attempted to get lunch on the table. She wanted to help so badly, but I was in a hurry to quiet the clamoring of the “I’m hungry” call that I kept hearing. I was tempted to keep on stepping over her, but decided to go against the convenience of ignoring her and slow down to include her. Why not? It was obvious she was pining for my attention.

You should’ve seen her face light up when I told her that, yes indeed, she was going to be able to help me crack all of the eggs. I think in her mind it was like a “rite of passage” or something. As we stood at the garbage can peeling eggs we had lots of great conversation and I was able to teach her a new skill. She wasn’t perfect–in fact we lost a few good eggs into the trash can and some of them simply looked mauled. Some even still had some of their shell on them, but that’s how the soggy part got into the mix. I attempted to wash them off before putting them into the salad.

As we stood there talking, my favorite part was when she said to me, “My brothers and sisters–they say thank you to you and me.” I’m not sure her siblings really were grateful for Crusted-Moist Egg Salad, but no one seemed to complain. Maybe they were oblivious or maybe they just remember when it was their day–the first time Mommy took the time to stop tromping over the top of them and instead to include them.

It never is easy in our busy Mommy lives to stop and incorporate our children into what we are doing, I can’t say I’ve ever regretted it. Well…maybe a few times I did in the moment, but long-term, I haven’t! I don’t know how to describe it, but those moments are like no other. It’s like they walk a little taller, smile more and just have an all-around more confident-ness (is that a word?) about themselves. Maybe it’s called love…they know they are loved and important enough to be included not just looked over. So when you have a chance, come on over for lunch and I’d be happy to share my Crusted-Moist Egg Salad with you. You’ll definitely have to come over for this one though because I don’t think this is one of those recipes I can pass on to you!

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  1. Anonymous

    I have found that to be true with my kids too. I am always in a hurry but when I include them in food prep, they love it. Sammy always grabs a stool and says, “i will help you mommy”. Even Ethan at only 22 months loves to help (like picking grapes and putting them on the plate or stirring a batter). It takes a little extra time and interesting results but always worth it (unless the 22 month old wants to lick the bowl all to himself and throws a big tantrum)