Shutterfly to the Rescue!

Oh, the joys & struggles of having a large family. Who’d have ever thought that one of the struggles that comes along with the holiday season, that is quickly bearing down on us, is picking just the right greeting card to send out to friends and family? Of course we could send out a letter highlighting our year, but who the heck has time for that anymore?  Not me! But yet, I love receiving Christmas cards with pictures of people so we can pray for them throughout the year and I hope others do the same for us. That’s when the mental wrestling match began of whether I should even bother to send out a card or not. Hmm….what to do, what to do?

Well, along came Shutterfly offering me 50 free cards if I’d just blog about it.  Having made a Shutterfly book for the adoption journey of Daughter of Purpose, I knew how easy Shutterfly can be.  Could it be that Shutterfly could solve my dilemma? You bet. Shutterfly to the rescue! It took me a bit to find a card that wouldn’t cost us extra postage, but yet would accommodate the fact that I have 5 children.  Not 3, not 4, but 5.  I needed 5 slots.  I suppose 6 or 7 could work if we included The Driver and me, but that would mean making the time for a picture of the two of us.  Did I mention that I wanted this to be easy? 5 picture slots was what I needed and Shutterfly had plenty of options. I had plenty of color schemes to choose from AND I could even find one that didn’t just say the generic “Happy Holidays.” I actually found one with my pre-requisites that wasn’t afraid to let me say, “Merry Christmas.” Hooray!

So this is what I chose. I can’t wait to input the pics we took recently and to share these with friends and family. Insert pics, wait for my cards to arrive in the mail and then turn around and drop them in the mail again.  Easy, easy, easy.  So happy I’m going with Shutterfly this year!

You take a bigger look at my holiday card choice here.
You can also view the HUGE variety of holiday cards at  Believe me, Shutterfly has something for everyone! There’s even options for Thanksgiving, if you’re ahead of the game!
If you have a blog and are interested in receiving 50 free holiday cards from Shutterfly, go to


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