The Purpose of This Blog

As I spoke at MOPS last night and I saw a lot of serious faces in the crowd, I realized that when I talk about “Parenting with the Future in Mind”, it can be a such a serious topic. It can kind of kick you in the pants, but I personally like getting that “kick” every once in a while because it makes me re-evaluate, learn and grow. Maybe I’m weird this way, but having a vision for my parenting actually doesn’t depress me. It gets me all excited and motivated to do a better job. I don’t dwell on what I haven’t done, instead I choose to focus on the new goal.

I do not write this blog to make you feel like you suck as a mom (like Heather thinks I do :)). I write it to share some of the things I’ve done or am doing so that maybe you can do them too. I write it to inspire you to be a better mom and to put some thought into this very big job God has given us. Instead of feeling like you “survived” being with your kids today, I want you to consider it a privilege and look forward to doing it again tomorrow.

So if you are new to this blog, take a minute to navigate back to my very first post titled “The Mommy Map” and read why this blog began in the first place.

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