Warning Signs

I think these are some road signs that are trying to warn me. I can’t say I have a ton on my plate right now, but the transition of this new child to our home has been a bit more than I anticipated. One more mouth to feed, clothes to wash, watch over, cuddle and play with. More than anything it has sucked the energy out of me. Even the simplest activity leaves me exhausted. These are a few of the “signs” lately that I might be overwhelmed…

Early one morning this week, I came downstairs to get some coffee and found Littlest One mopping the kitchen floor for me. I knew the floor was bad, but I kept avoiding it because I was too tired. Mopping the floor after the kids go to bed just doesn’t rank very high with me, especially when I’m tired. So to find Littlest One doing such an act of kindness for me was a wake up call.

Earlier this summer, I knew I was in over my head when I arrived at my friend’s pool with my kids lunches and their towels, but forgot the swim bag with their suits, goggles, flippers, sunscreen, etc in it. I was in a quandary for a moment as to what to do because with the price of gas, I wasn’t going back home just to get their suits. However, my kids were totally looking forward to swimming. What to do? That’s when my friend gently nudged me out of my revere and reminded me that no one would die if they went swimming in their clothes. Well, I wasn’t planning on creating a memory they’d never forget that day, but I did because I decided they could live the dangerous life by swimming in their clothes and no sunscreen!

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