Summer Ideas: Books on CD

I’ve been thinking about summer.  Not for myself this time, but for my kids.  What will I have them do this summer?  How will I fill their time?  I’m not one for packing every moment full of crazy, busy activities.  However, since we have more time on our hands, I desire to have some “cards in my pocket” for when I hear the “I’m bored” scenario.  At this point these ideas are written in my mind, but I will eventually physically write them down for my kids to resort to on their own.  I’ve even got a friend who writes her ideas down on little slips of paper and sticks them in a jar.  Some are fun and some are work.  It’s a gamble when her kids say they’re bored and reach into that jar. They could end up doing a chore or they could end up doing something really awesome!  I’m gonna share a few of my ideas with you in hopes to inspire you to come up with your own creative list, but for today I’ll start out simple.

This is one of those activities that I resort to in a bind during school days, but can certainly be used during the slower summer days.  Break out your CD with headphones and pop in a book on CD.  We’ve got short ones and we’ve got long ones.  We’ve even got some that we downloaded off the web and are on one of our iPods.  However you go about it, this activity can keep little (or big) ones busy doing something screen-less and learning along the way.


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