Wisdom from The Negotiator

In our town, we have a movie theatre that shows free kid movies a few days a week during the summer months. This is the summer we have taken advantage of that. Usually we see the movie and that’s it. We don’t buy popcorn and we don’t stop to play on the kids play area outside the theatre. One, we can’t afford the popcorn and we are just stinkin’ grateful for the opportunity to see a movie for free in the theatre. The free movie is enough in itself. Who needs popcorn that smells better than it tastes? Secondly, the movie ends right before lunch and I’m in a hurry to get whatever kids I have in tow back home for some lunch before they get too crabby.

Thus said, today was a different day. The Talker is on vacation with my parents so I feel like I’m living on Easy Street since I’m now down to 4–quite a difference from having 7 recently. We took things at a slower pace and enjoyed more than the movie today. We watched the movie, used our J*mba Juic* gift cards and sat back to enjoy the weather and took advantage of that kids play area they usually drool over as we pass by. However, here’s the rub. The play area is made for little kids and you can only be so-high to play there. Some of my taller kids were bummed to discover this, but yet accepted it well. They did an awesome job of helping out their younger siblings who were able to play.

At one point, The Negotiator (8-years-old) was kickin’ back with me on a bench and I could hear in his comments that he was disappointed that he was too tall for the play area. I reminded him to think back to when we were at Legoland earlier in the year. How many times did he get to go on a ride and his younger siblings were too short? He acknowledged that I had a good point and then this wisdom came from his mouth. It gave me such a smile.

“Ya know mom, 6 going on 7 is the best age ever. You can do the little kid stuff and the big kid stuff. It’s like right in the middle. It’s the best of both worlds! My younger brother is so lucky.”

I love the simplicity of childhood and that my kids get to be just that…kids. I am grateful for the opportunity I had today to take it slow and listen to my son’s perspective on the world. Sometimes kids seem to “get it” better and to say it so much better than we adults every will. Maybe that’s why Jesus often used children to perform the greatest of miracles. Afterall, it was loaves, fishes and a simple child-like faith of a boy that fed the multitudes.

It’s summertime, Mama. Slow down and ditch the to-do list. Hang out with your kids and simply listen. You never know what kind of wisdom will come from your children.


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