Christmas Emergency

To all of those who are still faithful enough to check this blog:

I confess I am drowning in Christmas. I have not a gift for even one child in my home yet and I still have yet to sew my “ambitious gifts” for them. So the clock is ticking away and I am wondering if my children will get gifts for Christmas or rain checks.

Top this all off with a mommy with a stuffed up nose and a child with croup (probably more will join her ranks) and now you know why I haven’t written for awhile. I dare say that I will probably not get a chance to write again until after Christmas–unless hell freezes over–and it is close, but not quite. Okay, so maybe it’s not even close, but it sure feels like it to my wimpy self.

So in the meantime, if you’re looking for something Christmas-y to read, click on the Christmas label on the right of this blog and it will take you to my Christmas thoughts. Merry Christmas!

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