As I sit here with tears pooling in my eyes on the eve of my first-born’s graduation from high school, I have a million thoughts in my mind that I’m trying to trap long enough to put them into words for you. Yes, YOU, Sweet Mama. I’ve been thinking about YOU a lot over the last year as I’ve been Continue Reading →

Push In

This is just about right. This is the way she walks out her life; right on the edge of the boundaries. Daily, as we walk to therapy, I remind her of the simple rule of staying on the trail for her safety, but every day she either walks right on the edge or pushes those boundaries by walking with one Continue Reading →

Be Strong and Courageous

Here I am in that place again. The one I find myself in frequently where I’m stressed and exhausted mind, body and spirit. I suppose this is the way of a mother, especially when there’s six young lives to shepherd and a marriage to keep tended to. I’m tempted to check-out mentally and sink into the oblivion of nothingness, but Continue Reading →

He Restores Community

When we walked away from the only community we’d ever known for 22 years, we were reeling. It took a few months for us to pick ourselves back up and seek where God would want us to connect in next. It was hard and painful. For over a year, we tried different places with all of the different components that Continue Reading →

That Word

I’m kind of a slow learner, but I’m finally at an age where I’m starting to clue in that there is always something hard to walk through, joy that accompanies pain, annoying things to deal with and details to manage among the mundane of life. I think I was hoping that at some point, I’d check enough boxes off of Continue Reading →

Real to Reel Life

From the celebration of extraordinary moments like our Daughter of Purpose celebrating her 5-year Gotcha Day to the ordinary snap shots of life, there is joy that can be found in every moment. Sometimes it’s the simpleness of ordinary moments that become the extraordinary. And yes, I do have six children, but when I spend almost every waking moment with Continue Reading →

Real to Reel Rabbits

As we barrel down on the close of the school year, our bunnies are growing like crazy. Little E finally gained the courage to hold one in her lap by placing it in the folds of her skirt so she didn’t have to touch it. And my other kids…they’re getting a bit out of control by making an exercise course Continue Reading →