Making Friends

She had her first play date this week. It was absolutely the sweetest thing to watch as Little E actually engaged socially with a peer. I wish I could explain to you how super HUGE this is. When Little E joined our family, she literally had no idea that a world beyond the end of her nose existed. The longer she has been with us, the larger that bubble of her existence has increased. This week, she let someone in beyond her family.

We met this little boy and his family a few weeks ago at a speech preschool, specific to autistic children. As his mom and I watched, we were in awe as they interacted socially together, engaged in their own back and forth conversation (not that we have clue what they said) and how they stuck together at the park as they played.

As our children learn how to connect with others, we moms have formed a near instant bond. It has been like a balm to our weary hearts to find someone that is walking the same journey. Someone to not feel so crazy around, someone we can be real with the highs and lows of this road. Someone to lean on when others don’t understand. And what makes it even better is that He so intricately wove our paths together knowing exactly what we each needed. There He is again…reminding me that He’s got my back. So glad He does.


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