Worth It

You ever have one of those experiences in life where you wonder what in the world you were thinking when you signed up? Ya, that’s me this week. Our new church, a place of safety and healing, is having their Summer Extreme Days. Extreme they are. Our whole family is either serving or participating for 3 hours every day, plus Continue Reading →

Real to Reel Pawsitive

Between the school year coming to a close and all the paperwork that requires, fundraising for Little E’s Autism Service Dog and life in general, I find myself unable to carve out to time to write. Instead, I’ve beenjournaling our life through the lens of my camera.For the sake of keeping it real…here’s a bit from our highlight reel. Pawsitive Continue Reading →


There is beauty in this place. Yes, we are surrounded by green rolling hills, picture perfect white-washed homes and horses that dot the countryside, but even more than that we spending the week surrounded by families that are raising children with special needs. Every one of these families here is unique and beautiful. And every one of these families is Continue Reading →


As I sat at my desk, checking a few more things off my to-do list, I readied myself to head down the stairs to start school. It was a quiet, uneventful morning. My children were all downstairs making themselves ready by eating breakfast and playing while they waited for me. My oldest had just gotten up, popped her head in Continue Reading →

Sweet Tubee

Sometimes you just have to take the odd parts of autism and have a good laugh instead of letting it bother you. My Little E has a newBFF just about every week. Always odd, but she’s fully devoted. Gotta love her choices. ;)Today, our new vacuum came and it was instant and devoted love with her “Tubee.” She carried that Continue Reading →

Stick with Me

Many years ago when I started The Mommy Map, I had no idea where the mapled. I was taking it day by day. I had no idea that it would lead me to places like Adoption, Learning Disabilities, Polio, Sex, Autism,FASD, nor the not-so-great areas oflife likeBrokenness, Grief, Depression and even the roads that seem to go on for forever Continue Reading →