Well, I don’t usually do a promo for a product, but I fear I must. I am so pleased with these new water bottles we purchased for our family that I must share it with you! In an effort to encourage my kids to drink lots of water, I have tried lots of different things. We’ve got water bottles of every type around here and hundreds of cups. My dishwasher is FULL every night! We’ve even tried marking them in different manners. We’ve put their names on them, color coded them and also tried making personalized “bracelets” for each one. But now…

I am in love with these water bottles by *Contigo*. They hold plenty of water, are easy to use, seal well, are durable, have a clip for easy carrying and I can even throw them in the dishwasher! When I went on-line to find a picture, I even found out that if a lid breaks, we can replace just the lid! Good info to know around here. I was even excited that there were plenty of colors to choose from so that each person has their own favorite color. My kids must like them too because they are carrying them everywhere they go and are drinking lots of water. Perfect! By the way, we bought them at C*stco.
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