Scripture Prayers – Restore

The restoration message in Joel 2:25 has been one that I have prayed over my little girls that we adopted from Eastern Europe. Adoption has been a beautiful, but hard road containing many unspoken things–things that people don’t want to talk about and would rather I’d sweep under the rug. Some of these things I talk about anyway for the sake of transparency, some to educate and some to give hope to others who are experiencing the same things, yet feel alone on their journey. My little girls came to us broken and it will take a lifetime with a great big God by my side to see them restored. This has become my daily basic prayer for them. Sometimes I add more detailed thoughts in, but I have to rest in knowing that He knows the details that I cannot even understand when my words can’t quite get out what my heart feels. Obviously, change your child’s circumstance (adopted or not) to let the prayer fit you.

Just as you promised the Israelite people that you would restore what the locusts had eaten, I pray in the same way that you would restore in Little E’s life what was stolen from her by living in an orphanage for the first few years of her life. Restore what lack of attachment in those formative years has done to her mind. Restore what autism has stolen from her and us. May you give us wisdom in how to parent and advocate for her. May we enjoy her each day even in the hard. We ask that we would see her restored to wholeness this side of Heaven.  ~ Joel 2:25

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