Scripture Prayers – The Tough One to Parent

I’ve wanted to cover this topic for awhile, but it is such a huge topic that I have been apprehensive, wondering where to start. I think I’ll start with prayer. If one (or maybe more than one) of your children is especially tough for you to parent, like I do, then I have a story to share with you. For today though, I’m gonna go straight to The Maker of that child and I encourage you to do the same.


Thank you for the gift you have given our family in The Talker and for the things you have taught us through him. Thank you for the special gifts you have given The Talker—the way you have wired him differently. Show him how his gifts differ from the gifts you have given others, and let him be generous, diligent, and cheerful in using them.


Romans 12:6-8


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