Scripture Prayers – Siblings

Today I found myself searching out a prayer for my children that relates to siblings and their relationships with one another. Maybe it’s because I have no gauge for what is normal in sibling relationships so any amount of bickering and I am driven to my knees asking the Lord to give me some insight and for Him to fill in the gaps where I lack. Begging Him to show them how to get along. More on my sibling thoughts later this week…

Lord, may my children understand that their sibling relationships are the jumping point for the purpose You have in mind for their life. Our family is the place in which you have given them to learn how to get along with others. Teach them that the greatest among them will be a servant and that if they are faithful in the training ground of our family, you will be pleased and entrust them with much bigger things in life. Make our home a good and pleasant place, where brothers and sisters live together in unity.

This prayer was written with the many things I have swirling around in my mind that I am learning about siblings, but the main ideas stemmed from Matthew 23:11-12, Matthew 25:21 and Psalm 133:1.


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One Reply to “Scripture Prayers – Siblings”

  1. Traci from Wyoming

    Thank you for sharing your prayer. I copied it onto an index card and plan to pray it over my children as well. May the Lord grant this prayer in your life.