Stick with Me

Many years ago when I started The Mommy Map, I had no idea where the mapled. I was taking it day by day. I had no idea that it would lead me to places like Adoption, Learning Disabilities, Polio, Sex, Autism,FASD, nor the not-so-great areas oflife likeBrokenness, Grief, Depression and even the roads that seem to go on for forever like The Desert.It’s hard for me to know where you joined me on this journey, but as I am now treading into new territory with my little girls and the great unknown of teenagers, I ask you to stick with me. Maybe you’re still in the preschool years and your kids are pretty “normal.” Whatever that means. Maybe you feel like you can’t relate to my life because you don’t have a child with Autism or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, nor have you even adopted.

Well, again, I ask you to stick with me because if I didn’t use this place to advocate and educate for the special needs of my little girls I would be remiss. You see, maybe you can’t relate, but you can learn. Every child, special needs or not, is different and it is when we take the time to learn about things outside our personal bubble, we bring understanding and acceptance. If even just one person reads my blog and learns something about Autism or FASD and in turn withholds judgment on a child or acknowledges they matter because of what they’ve learned, I have done my part to make the world my kids grow up in a better place.

When someone grants understanding to my daughter who has the same conversation five times in an hour or spouts off the most ridiculous question and doesn’t pass judgment on her intelligence level, I am grateful. For every person who grants grace when my other daughter looks up their skirt or hops up on their lap to pet their hair, I am relieved to not be judged for my failure in parenting–again.

If there is anything that I have learned along this road is that there is no place for judgment from others. From God, yes, but not from others. Every person has a story and, frankly we’re all just doing the best that we can and it will look different for every person.

So stick with me, will ya?


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