Help Around the House

When I spoke with my friends at MOPS, many people wanted some ideas for things that kids can do around the house to help. I have posted this before at this link:

However, the dynamics of my family has changed slightly since then so there are a few more things they help out with. The things my kids do are interchangeable, except for Daughter of Purpose who is 4 years old. Her jobs each day are to tidy the shoe basket by the front door, take out the recycling, and feed the cats. Here are the additional things we’ve added:

Help with dishes after dinner
Clear the table and wipe it after dinner
Laundry helper (this is the person I rely on to keep the laundry moving and take it upstairs for me to fold–they also help put it away)
Unload the dishwasher

None of these things did my children learn on their own. I had to take the time to work alongside them until they could manage it on their own. Yes, it took time, but it was worth the long-term pay off. Everyone now has something that they do to contribute to the family.

Hope this helps to get you jump started or to encourage you that you are on the right path!

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3 Replies to “Help Around the House”

  1. Laura

    OK Brandy, I have lots of ideas for things for them to do, I just have a hard time implementing it….you have chore time the same time everyday? Any ideas for somebody who struggles with implementing and consistency???