Summer Skills

It took me three weeks, but I did it. I finally compiled a list of skills I want my kids to work on this summer. These are skills that I don’t have time to address during the school year and by focusing now…we will all benefit next school year. They get a reward for each skill mastered and a bonus Continue Reading →

Summer is for Taking Time

These are my morning buddies. They are the ones who get up most mornings and pull together something for everyone to eat for breakfast. I am not a morning person so this blesses me abundantly day after day. My boys didn’t just start throwing together ingredients one day and call it a success. It took me taking the time to Continue Reading →

Job Listings

Just to give you a jump start of ideas that you can have your kids help you with around the house, following is a list of the “jobs” my kids do around our house on a daily basis. Clean up their own Quiet Time areaSweep the kitchenCollect the trash from around the house and take it outsideVacuum the Living RoomVacuum Continue Reading →