Scripture Prayers – Choices

Yearbook-cover-0011I remember writing out this prayer out for my children when they were little because I simply wanted them to obey me and make good choices as they grew up. As they are in their teen years now and growing into who they want to be based on the foundation we’ve laid for them and what they see around them in others, this prayer is ever more pivotal for me to pray over them.

Let <insert child’s name here> pay attention to what my husband and I say, listening carefully to our words. Don’t let him lose sight of them. Let them penetrate deeply into his heart because they bring life and healing. I pray that he would guard his heart above all else since it determines the course of his life. May <insert child’s name here> avoid all perverse and corrupt talk. I ask that he would keep looking straight ahead, fixing his eyes on you. Mark out a straight path for <insert child’s name here>—a safe path. Don’t allow him to get sidetracked. Keep his feet from following evil.

Proverbs 4:20-27

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