Summer Skills

It took me three weeks, but I did it. I finally compiled a list of skills I want my kids to work on this summer. These are skills that I don’t have time to address during the school year and by focusing now…we will all benefit next school year. They get a reward for each skill mastered and a bonus Continue Reading →

Summer is for Taking Time

These are my morning buddies. They are the ones who get up most mornings and pull together something for everyone to eat for breakfast. I am not a morning person so this blesses me abundantly day after day. My boys didn’t just start throwing together ingredients one day and call it a success. It took me taking the time to Continue Reading →

Practice Makes Perfect

Do your children have habits that absolutely drive you nuts?  I’m not talking personality.  I’m talking about things that they do that make you want to tear out your hair.  Mine do and I imagine they are not the only children on earth with “issues.” I wonder, what do you do when your children do their “thing” that sends you through the Continue Reading →

The Pay-Off of Training

I’m having a bit of difficulty getting to writing this week. The temperature has dropped significantly here and that means our home follows suit. This is the point at which we begin our hibernation upstairs. We do everything, including our school, up in my room. If the kitchen and laundry were up there…that would be ideal. I’m sure my cousin, Continue Reading →

Who is in Charge Here?

Let me ask you a question. Who is in charge in your home? I’m not asking about who wears the pants in the family. I’m not asking about whether it’s you or your husband. That’s another post for another day. I’m asking…is it you or your children? I know your immediate reply will, of course, be that you are in Continue Reading →