Personal Prayers of Faith

As I was reading over some History stuff with my children today, we discussed Habakkuk. Habakkuk was a prophet in the Bible, but yet unlike any of the other prophets, Habakkuk didn’t write to any people at all. He wrote to God himself.

In Habakkuk 3:17-19, the prophet prayed a hymn of faith. He structured his prayer in this manner: declaring that even though something may not go well, he will still trust in the Lord. He had an attitude of trust and confidence in God even though his world was falling apart. It seemed simple enough so we decided to create our own modern-day prayers of faith.

We actually went kind of crazy with this one so here is just a snippet of what we came up with:

Daughter of Purpose, “Though my legs will not do what I want them to, yet I will still rejoice in the Lord.”

The Talker, “Though reading is really hard for me, I will trust that God is in control and yet I will still praise Him.”

The Negotiator, “Though I can’t seem to get my spelling words right, yet I will still praise the Lord.”

Mini-Me, “Although I miss my friends, I will still rejoice in the Lord each day.”

Littlest One, “Even though I can’t color real good, I will still praise Him.”

The Navigator, “Even though I do not understand why this season persists, I am weak and tired from clinging to you with faith, yet I will get up each day and continue to cling because you are on your Throne and worthy of praise.”

I also posted this on Facebook and here are the prayers of some friends:

“Even though my kids are driving me crazy and I really need a nap, I will trust in the Lord for patience and strength.”

“Even though this world sometimes overwhelms me with sadness I know that God is sovereign and good and I will still praise him.”

“Though I am surrounded by conflict and feel aggravated by my circumstances, yet I will still rejoice in the Lord, for His favor extends for a lifetime.”
I was grateful these prayers were my mindset today, as The Driver sent an e-mail to me today letting me know how little he is eligible for in terms of grants as he returns to school next semester. I was disappointed, but this is how I responded back to The Driver:

“We hoped for a larger grant, yet we will trust that He is in control and praise Him with our every breath.”
I hope these personal prayers of faith have encouraged you. It’s really a simple exercise, but so worthy of your time. I encourage you to come up with your own. I’d love to hear them. What is your personal prayer of faith?

(This concept and some quotes were taken from “The Mystery of History V*lume I”)


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