Be Strong and Courageous

Here I am in that place again. The one I find myself in frequently where I’m stressed and exhausted mind, body and spirit. I suppose this is the way of a mother, especially when there’s six young lives to shepherd and a marriage to keep tended to. I’m tempted to check-out mentally and sink into the oblivion of nothingness, but Continue Reading →


Life is full of surprises. That was solidified for me this morning when I woke up to six newborn rabbits in the cage of our male rabbit. Did you catch that? We thought we were raising two male rabbits. Apparently not. Life is full of surprises and as my Monday got off to an unexpected start and kinda went wonky Continue Reading →


As I sat a preschooler’s birthday party today and listened to children crying because it was nap time and watched as parents negotiated as to who would be in the pool with the kids, it reminded me of a recent day at the park.  It was at that park that I observed nearly 20 young moms wanting desperately to talk Continue Reading →


As I have mentioned before, I am currently reading a book called, “The Me I Want to Be: Becoming God’s Best Version of You” by John Ortberg.  Here is a quote from today’s reading that is rolling around in my mind. “Imagine a parent who thinks, No matter how many kids I have, I will treat them each exactly the Continue Reading →

The Great Things of God

You ever have one of those times in life where everywhere you turn, you keep hearing the same thing?  You ever wonder if maybe, just maybe, the God of the universe is trying to communicate something to you?  Yep, that’s me right now.  The thing is that the more I think about it, I don’t think I’m alone in needing Continue Reading →