Enough Said

“Parenting today with the future in mind” is the tagline of this blog. It is such because I am a firm believer in not just surviving each day as a mom, but instead building into my children’s future with each passing day. Not every day cracks up to be that way, but it is the mentality at the forefront of Continue Reading →

Setting the Stage

Instead of re-inventing the wheel and trying to craft a story to pass on this information, I thought I would just share the real question from a mother of preschoolers that was asked of me this week and my response. Question:Lately, I’ve been thinking of a way to be more transparent with my kids about my faith. How do you Continue Reading →

A New Road

Well it’s a new year and time for a new road. What road will you be on? It’s resolution and goal setting time of the year. I’m sure there have been the popular ones like exercising more and quitting some habit, but have you done any thinking about your parenting? Have you thought about yourself as a parent and resolved Continue Reading →

Test Drive–Pass or Fail?

Have you ever had one of those moments, as a parent, that freezes for just a moment? A moment long enough to think, “This is a test. I can either respond to this one way and fail miserably–probably end my kid up in counseling some day–or I can respond another way, save the moment and feel like a hero. Hmm…which Continue Reading →